There is Money On the Vine

Buy Your Way to Social Fame
It used to be that people took wine from the vine and kept excellent cellars if they wanted to have a chance at social fame. Today, we have Vine, and the pursuit of happiness, where people buy Vine followers to climb the vine to social fame.

Make sense? Well, read on and let’s find out together.

What is a Vine?

A vine is a woody plant that is part of the grape family. Throughout history, the vine has played a part in representing the climbing of the social ladder. And today, we are climbing the Vine on the Internet, where people are buying their way to fame. A twist on an adage, but possibly successful for some. So, for some, it is buying Vine followers, to buy social fame.

What is Vine?

That is a good question. Vine is a social network based upon users presenting six-second videos on the topic they wish to promote.

Some suggest it is the “Instagram” of video sharing on social media and is in direct competition to Facebook, Twitter and the other social media platforms that billions of people use.

Why just say it, when you can send a video gram of your message? And to date, more than 40 million account holders would agree, along with the more than 100 million people who head to the site each month to follow their favourite topic or people.

Vine is not the length, breadth, width and depth of Facebook with its more than 1.4 billion users, but more than 100 million is nothing to sneeze about. It is growing and are you one of those people who are about to try to buy your social fame on Vine?

How do you buy Your Social Fame?

Have you ever noticed that many people with money have large followings and do you ever wonder why? They use their money to attract people. Now, you can buy your way to social fame on Vine.

The Immediate Reaction

The immediate reaction may be one of shock; how could people do that? But obviously, there are willing buyers, and what is the difference between using the social medium of Vine to buy your social fame and buying you social fame with the more traditional methods?

There is no difference; it is only using a new method that has been made possible by 21st Century technology and the Internet.

Remember Dating?

Interesting, there used to be a social stigma with Internet Dating. In the “good old days” it was meet your partner – hopefully – through your local church, an introduction from a friend, or possibly meeting someone at work. Then came the Internet, and the world became our oyster. Many people found many things wrong with Internet dating, at least in their minds, but now Internet dating has become second nature to millions of people.

Now it is Vine

Vine was launched buy Twitter on January 24, 2013. Just like Internet dating was, Vine is a new social medium for connecting people, and there are those who will pronounce it as bad. But, where there is a willing buyer, the “proverbial you” will buy your way to social fame.

Something Old Is New Again

All through history, we can find examples of old ideas and opportunities, using the latest and best methods to get ahead of the competition. Using Vine to buy your way to social fame is just a move by some to get ahead, and get ahead of the rest of the competition.

We all have a choice to determine if we want to buy in, so who are we to say if it is right or wrong, good or bad? Social fame is sought by many, money talks, and so be it.